Summer in the Winter

People say that if you don’t like the weather in Georgia, just wait five minutes and it will change. We started out the Holidays with rain. I thought ‘Five minutes, it’ll change.’  Here we are 2 weeks later and finally it stopped. This weekend, it cleared to the sunniest day I can remember. Probably because the rain washed away any memories of good weather I had! But seriously, the sun brought about the typical Georgia spring weather. I think it even got up to 70 degrees. Beautiful weather. Evil weather.

Yes, I said evil. This weather can be so mean at times. You think it is winter, 30’s and 40’s temperatures. You even get a hard frost. And then here we are in January, thinking it is going to get colder and it is 70 outside. In January. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. So, what makes that evil? 70 degree weather makes every gardener start to stir. Just like the small spots of green forming on the trees. We feel it coming. The urgency of spring is just beyond the horizon. So why is this mean? Spring is not for another 3 months! So as a gardener, we have to either push down the urge to start planting things, or start a bunch of seeds inside and completely renovate our homes into greenhouses! After checking several weather apps, I am pretty sure it is going to get cold here. So rather than start any more seeds, Jason and I have decided it is time to start our demo and reno projects for the front yard. What is this? Demo and Reno for the front yard?

This year we are going to push our gardening experience to a new level. We constantly hear people say that they can’t make a dent in their dependency on our broken food system because they don’t have the room to grow anything. It got me thinking. We have always had land to grow a garden. Never been in a situation where we only had a front and/or backyard. But, you never know where God will put us in life where that could be the only space we have. So, Jason and I are going to plant our garden this year, only using our front and back yard to see just how much we can produce. We will be documenting it so that you can see the things we have done to maximize our space and our production.

So for now, its no spring planting. Time to crank up the chainsaw to clear out the garden space. Then, get in the workshop and build cold frames and raised beds! This is bound to be one heck of a time full of laughing while learning! Make sure you follow us on YouTube and Instagram, you won’t want to miss it!


*Just a side note. I wrote this blog on a Monday morning. Here it is Friday Morning and it is 27 degrees. Told you it would change. Definitely, time to build the cold frames!


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