Big Bear Homestead is a 21-acre farm in Elberton GA, where we raise pigs, cows (beef and dairy), goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and honeybees. Our mission is reaching the community through teaching homesteading. We offer workshops including chicken and pig butchering, canning and fermenting, foraging on your homestead, as well as predator control. In addition to workshops, we also invite and encourage people to come visit us to see what a working homestead looks like.


We have a large garden for long term storage and a kitchen garden to have fresh veggies year round. We fully support and encourage the Grow Foods Not Lawns movement


We create content with a fun spirit and sprinkle it with experience. We try to highlight the many challenges we have faced and the lessons we have learned on our homesteading journey.

If you want to see genuine homesteading ups and downs, you are in the right place! Be sure to out our social media for gardening tips, rescuing a honey bee hive, choosing a dairy cow, an introduction to raising pigs and even predator control on the homestead.