To have livestock or not, that is the million-dollar question that any homesteader will have to answer at some point in time in their homesteading journey.  What are some things to consider when pondering this question that will change your homestead forever? You will have questions like,

“Can I be sustainable with livestock?”

 “Is there a limit to the livestock that I can keep?”  

“What kinds of livestock are out there and which ones will be better for my homestead?” 

“How do I take care of them once I have them?”  

These questions and more are bound to pop into your head the moment you start thinking about livestock. That is where we come in. We will share all the information and experience we have and the things we learned along the way when it comes to keeping livestock; the Big Bear do’s and don’t’s when it comes to raising livestock. Keep in mind, we will only cover the animals that we have kept. That way we can share our firsthand knowledge and experience with you.


 So, click on the tab of the livestock you are thinking of getting and read away. If you have any questions about that particular one, just ask we will get right back to you as fast as we can. And if we don’t know the answer I bet we know someone who does.  For more on this click here