Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!

It has been raining here this last week like it is an Olympic sport and mother nature is going for the gold. There are good and bad points when it comes to getting all of this rain. On one hand, we don’t have to water our garden or soft fruit. Our rain water containers are full. With heavy rain, we also have a chance to observe how the drainage of our land has changed over the last year. And make no mistake, it changes every year due to our farming practices. While Big Ag and “Modern Farming” are ravaging the land, here on the Big Bear Homestead, we are slowly healing it. By composting and mulching, we are replacing top soil in the garden. Our intense grazing and rotating pastures also help to repair the existing land. Both of these practices have definitely changed the way the water runs. 
On the other hand, when we get this much rain, the ground is so wet you can’t do anything. Planting in the garden has come to a halt. Construction projects have been put on hold. With every rainy day we feel we are getting further behind. Our garden shed is now over run with new growth that is just begging to be planted. Hopefully, we will dry out next week so we can finish planting the garden and resume some of these construction projects. For pictures and updates during the week, be sure to check out our social media, including our YouTube channel. So many great topics to discuss on our livestreams, Saturday and Sunday evenings.  

And one last shameless plug before we leave you to your week, October will be here before you know it. So, if you are planning on going to the Homesteaders Of America Conference be sure to order your tickets and consider reserving your seat for one of the many Hands-On Classes held the Thursday before the Conference. 

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