“10 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have” E-book

“10 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have” E-book


“10 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have” E-book

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What is so ESSENTIAL about Essential Oils?

Great question right? I know because I asked the very same thing several years ago when we were introduced to the option of essential oils. Several thoughts went through my head.IMG_20170130_171312739

This is just a fad. The hippie generation has finally flooded the market with their stinky patchouli oil.”

“Great another NEW AGE idea shoved down my throat!”

“How in the world can something that came from nature actually help me feel better?”

Once the crazy and judgmental thoughts faded, I realized that there might really be something to the more natural approach to health issues. But it wasn’t until I was told that I had developed an ulcer, that I really considered using them for my ailments. The Doctor told me that I had consumed so many anti inflammatory medicines that I had developed an ulcer that was now causing a severe case of reflux and vomiting. Over the next few years, I have learned that I could have avoided all of the pain from the ulcer, but also the original joint pain (the whole reason I was taking the medicine in the first place.)


Which brings me to the purpose of this e-book. I wasted so much time and money and created so much pain and heartache over the years by using traditional medication. Now that I have found a more natural way to help with my health issues, I want to share with anyone who will listen.

This first book in the series will cover what 10 essential oils I think should be in every home and why. It will explore the many applications that essential oils can have in your home from cooking and cleaning to mental and physical health. I will also include a brief description of what essential oils are and why they are so effective. The goal is to help you identify what things you use now and what essential oils could be used in their place.lemonade-with-fresh-lemon-1473349639cg7

This book would be a great introduction for a friend or family member that is considering the use of essential oils.


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