You know when I was in the military there was always this urgency to be prepared and get ready. But then you would sit around and wait for everyone else to be ready. These days aren’t much different here on our homestead. We put in all the time and effort to quickly get our garden ready and then all of a sudden, we had a week of borderline freezing temperatures and nasty wind and rain. Rather than sit around just waiting, we used that time to get several raised beds built and filled with compost. Now that it seems the weather is leveling back to normal, we have tilled the soil and the garden and beds are ready for planting.  


On a different part of the farm, it was also hurry up and wait. We worked so hard a few months ago to get our brooder barn ready for the 4 rounds of meat birds we plan to raise this year. But of course, our Muscovies had different plans. Two mamas decided that they would test out the pine shaving bedding for us. Together, they laid over 50 eggs. One mother hatched out 15 babies and then 4 more hatched a few days later. We are still waiting on the other clutch to hatch. The one set of ducklings and Mama are really happy in their tractor. The 4 late bloomers have imprinted on Carol, which is really funny to watch during morning chores. Hopefully this week we will be able to order our first round of meat chicks. 

The biggest challenge we are facing right now is being without a work truck. This loss has made it rather hard to go get materials like lumber, feed, and mulch for the garden. We will figure something out. We always do! 

And the last hurry up and wait going on here on the homestead. Everyone has been busy getting ready for the Homesteaders of America Conference in October. I know it is only April but trust me when I tell you October will be here before you know it! We are super excited about all of the opportunities and exposure our homestead will have at the conference this year. Not only will Jason be speaking, but he will also host a hands-on workshop addressing Predator Control on your homestead the Thursday before the conference. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, you might want to consider it before they sell out. Revolutionize your family vacation. Fill it with education, inspiration and connections. We hope to see you there! 

Don’t forget to drop by our YouTube channel Saturday and Sunday evening for our live streams. Have a great weekend! 

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  1. That pic of Carol and the ducklings is precious. Hurry up and wait is what Dad would say when he was sitting at an airport, traveling for work. Hope you are able to get another work truck soon. ~kiwi

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