Bringing home the bacon…and the buck!

This life we live here on the farm never ceases to amaze me. Our weekend started by bottling 4 gallons of sweet scuppernong wine. It was quite a great science lesson to teach the children the process of making alcohol. And quite pleasing to know that if things were to get crazy in the world, we would still be able to make alcohol, whether it be for cleaning a wound or lifting our spirits! We were also able to can a late harvest of honey, almost 2 full gallons!

Once that was cleaned up, I decided to melt some beeswax and coconut oil into a lip balm mixture. Very ambitious of me right? Maybe ambitious, but definitely attainable. The biggest challenge was finding containers  to put it in. It smells great but also heals chapped and dry lips. So now I need to decide whether to make more balm, or use the remaining wax for honey scented candles. Guess its time to get more bees!

As if all of these new treasures weren’t enough to be grateful for, Jason and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary on Sunday. What a blessing it is to share your life, the ups and the downs, with your best friend! To end the weekend, I went out to gather all of the fixings we needed for Thanksgiving and Jason went to relax in the deer stand on our property. Just after dusk, I got a phone call. Jason had shot an 8pt buck and needed my help to load it up to be processed. What a perfect end to a perfect weekend! Now we have pork and venison in the freezer. Next on the list, fish! I hear they have great trout fishing in Helen. I see a fishing trip in the spring…..

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